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tv   At This Hour With Kate Bolduan  CNN  November 6, 2017 8:00am-9:00am PST

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this. nic robertson thank you reporting for us where the president is in tokyo. we are moments away from an update from law enforcement in texas on this deadly church massacre in sutherland springs. that comes 11:15 eastern time. about 15 minutes from now you will see it live here again. 26 people murdered ages 5 to 72. it is horrifying. thank you all for being with john and me today. at this hour with kate bolduan picks it up now. john and poppy thank you so much. hello. i am kate bolduan. two, three generations of families just gone. killed in an instant of gunfire. shattering the peace of a sunday church service. a congregation, a tiny texas town, now left facing a massive amount of grief and searching for answers. why, of course, chief among them after a man carries out another
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deadly rampage. >> why. why did this happen? it hurts. the pain is there. the hurt is there. there's no words for all these families. what they're going through. >> a hoff risk sight. you don't expect to walk into a church and see something like that, especially like when all the bodies were still there, you know. seeing the children, that's what hurts the most. >> 26 are dead range in age from 5 to 72 years old. one family lost eight loved ones. 20 more people injured. nearly 50 killed or wounded in a town which has a population of only several hundred, at a time. the killer is dead as well. just this morning we learned his
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inlaws were actually members of this church in sutherland springs, though not there at the time of the shooting. the news reaching overseas overnight as president trump was in tokyo. >> a guns situation. i mean we could go into it, but it's a little soon to go into it. somebody else had a gun shooting in the opposite direction otherwise it would have been as bad as it was, it would have been much worse. this is a mental health problem at the highest level. it's a very, very sad event. these are great people and a very, very sad event. >> all right. let's stay with the breaking news on the investigation into this horrific shooting. all of those lives lost and who will be impacted now. brian todd is in sutherland springs for us right now. brian, on the investigation, what is the very latest. >> well, kate, we spoke to the sheriff of wilson county a short time ago, joe tackitt, who told us as you mentioned just a short
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time ago that the in-laws of the gunman did on occasion attend this church, the first baptist church, but they were not inside the church at the time of the shooting. sheriff tackitt said the inlaws arrived after the shooting occurred and told us that the shooter's wife he described as being estranged but didn't have much information on that, the shooter's wife may also have attended the church. that's important information when trying to piece together a possible motive here. what it has to do with the motive we don't know. we're still digging on that. we also learned from sheriff tackitt the shooter had two weapons, ar-556 assault rifle and a handgun. the sheriff was not sure if the gunman used the handgun inside the church or not. but the sheriff did say that the gunman did suffer two wounds, one self-inflicted and one he suffered from another man with a gun who confronted him outside the church that was a dramatic part of the story, kate, because there was a witness who kind of
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teamed up with that man who confronted the shooter, named johnnie langendoff who spoke to john berman a short time ago and described what happened outside the church as the shooter emerged from the church. >> i saw the shooter coming out about where the cars were parked and the other gentleman coming from across the street. both had weapons drawn and a matter of half a second, there was exchange of gunfire. it lasted just a few seconds and the shooter got in his vehicle and took off and the gentleman with the rifle came across the street, opened my door and said he just shot up the church and we got to chase him. i said let's go. >> johnnie langendoff said they chased him for 10 to 12 minutes and they went as fast as maybe 95 miles an hour down this road until the gunman ran his car into a ditch. at that point langendoff said the man with him the gentleman with the rifle who confronted the shooter and possibly shot him approached the shooter's vehicle and yelled for him to
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get out. the man approached the vehicle with his rifle drawn and yelled for the shooter to get out of the vehicle. the shooter did not get out. they waited for the police to show up, kate, and they discovered at some point then that the shooter had died. not clear whether the gunman died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound or died from a wound that he might have suffered inflicted upon the other man with the rifle who confronted him, maybe a combination of the two. we're told by the sheriff there is a piece of video that exists of the service yesterday but the sheriff said the video does not show much. kate. >> thank you so much. brian todd on the ground for us. some of the -- maybe some of the answers to all of the questions that brian is posing right here we might be getting very soon with an update that we are expecting from law enforcement on the ground there and we are hoping to get that and bring all of that to you live when it begins. thank you so much. we are also learning new details this morning on the shooter's military career. he was discharged from the air force in 2014 after being court-martialed for assaulting
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his wife and child. let's go over to the pentagon. pentagon reporter ryan browne has more on this. bring us up to date on the military career. >> kate, with know he joined the air force in 2010 and he worked as a logistic at holloman air force base. he faced a court-martial for assaulted his wife and their child. the court-martialed sentenced him to a year of confinement in prisonen as well as lowering his rank to the lowest level possible and providing him with the bad conduct discharge. that is one of the more severe ways you can be separated from the military. it's not as severe as what's called a dishonorable discharge a level higher, but we do know he received this bad conduct discharge in 2014 after being in prison 12 months due to the assault, the incident of domestic violence. >> all right. ryan browne thank you for us at
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the pentagon. let's discuss all of the elements we know and the questions that still remain. joining me right now panel of cnn law enforcement analysts steve moore former fbi special agent, art rod rick served as assistant direct of the u.s. marshal service and jon than is a former member of the secret service. start on the ground and the connections to the church, jonathan, some of the folks who live in this town say they've never seen him before, never heard of this guy before. but we do or are starting to learn his in-laws attended maybe his wife attended this church. that tells you what, though? >> it starts the building the profile of the individual. what we know is that he was dressed in tactical gear, showed up at the church, created this horrific massacre, with weapons, he targeted that church for specific reason. we're till in the infancy of the investigation, law enforcement trying to build that profile and
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look at everybody he's been associated with and his past behavior. we have the reporting from the military. that's a key indicator that he had violent tendencies. we want to see what else is out there, what other interaction with law enforcement, neighbors, friends, co-workers, who was this individual, why did he do this horrific act targeting that specific church. >> and that -- and maybe we're past this question at this point already, but a place of worship should be the safest place to be. it turns out it is not. in multiple examples in recent past on attacks of churches and temples in the united states. do you think as jonathan thinks this was a specific target? is there any question in your mind that this -- this is some sort of coincidence he targeted this church? >> not at all. we were talking about this last night. these type of killers, even the las vegas killer, we may not understand their targeting, but
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to them, it was the most logical and reasonable target in the whole world. this was planned from the beginning and we were even speculating last night that this person had some connection to either this church or this particular religion and we find out exactly why. you go back and you can see the linear form of his demented logic. he got in trouble because of the wife who he had -- who he had beaten and she got him in trouble with the military, and now they have to pay for what they've done to him. >> but steve, on that point, does the time period that has transpired, does that mean anything? i mean, court-martialed in 2012, discharged in 2014, it's 2017, steve. i mean is that time frame make that -- put that into question? >> you know, i don't think so. we don't think like these people do. what happens a lot of times, the
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other guests will probably agree with me on this, we look at threat assessment character igsices and you're looking for a person whose life is in freefall, but we don't know when you are going to hit the point where they just throw their hands up and say i'm done. that's when they make their decision. >> art, one big question right now, should this guy have been able to get a gun in the first place? you're with military police. he received the bad conduct discharge. a lot of folks know well, but just short of a dishonorable discharge. after this court-martial, should he have been able to get a gun? >> he should not have been able to purchase any type of firearm. i mean it's -- this is another situation where there's been a loophole found here and somebody has been able to exploit it. and when you get whatever happens to you in the military from a discipline side, does not
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get transferred over to the civilian side and specifically talking about the national crime information center, that does a lot of these background checks and records individual's criminal history. so i mean if you look at the actual legal form the atf-4473 you go in to fill out to purchase a firearm legally from the federal firearms dealer there's about four or five questions on there i'm sure he answered no to that he should probably have answered yes to. one dealing with mental instability, one dealing with discharge, from the military under dishonorable conditions which this probably fits into. the fact that he, you know, spent time in jail that was never put on this form. if he answered yes to any one of the four questions on that particular form, he would have been denied purchase of any firearm. >> well, and jonathan, there are multiple layers of confusion on this front. the texas governor spoke in
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interviews and said the shooter the way that abbott put it sought to get a license to carry a gun in the state of texas but the state of texas denied him the ability to get a gun. >> yeah. >> i'm confused. >> in all of this will come out. the bigger thing here kate is, you know, gun or no gun, this individual had the propensity to cause this violence, why? >> great point. >> talk about the gun and type of gun. this is beyond that at this point in time. this is about the individual in we need as a society to come together to look at, you know, leading indicators in clues as a collective whole to prevent this from happening into the future. if this guy bought the gun legally, or obtained it illegally, it's separate and apart from the fact the he had the propensity to cause this violent action. he didn't do this in a vacuum. he planned this. so there are clues that are out there that will lead investigators into a profile
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that we need to look forward, we need to stop looking in the rears and need to be proactive and start looking and creating this culture of security awareness and come to the center as a group to prevent this type of action from happening again. >> and steve, the shooting in and of itself it started outside the church, then moved inside the church and then there's a third crime scene the vehicle miles down the road. in a town this small, i said i grew up in a small town in indiana, this town is just a -- a few hundred people in the town. what's the challenge of managing a crime scene of of this size? >> multiple jurisdictions coming in. the fact that the town is small makes it easier to actually koordsen off the scene. you will have to deal with different federal agencies, local agencies, and carefully parse out the work here. as far as guns by the way in texas, you don't need a license to purchase one. i think what texas was saying is
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that he didn't have a license to carry one in a concealed way. >> to carry. >> we can't depend on people's -- on people's goodwill to say the truth on these things. >> clearly and, obviously, right. art, final thought. >> my final thought last night the minute that i had heard and several of our colleagues that are law enforcement analysts that the mother-in-law or the in-laws attended this particular church that was an indicators this is more of a domestic situation and he was looking to hurt the family and even though a couple years have passed by, sometimes it takes them that long to reach a point where they just snap. >> steve, art, jonathan, thank you so much for being here. maybe we will get some answers. any moment now they will be unsatisfactory to everyone watching this play out from the small town to across the nation. texas officials holding a news conference to give an update on the investigation. we will bring you that as soon
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any minute now we're expecting an update from law enforcement officials in sutherland springs, texas. getting close and making sure everyone can hear and see everything. we will bring you this when officials walk up to the microphone. 20 others wounded. going to bring this to you and should begin any minute now. as we're waiting for that, joining me on the phone is dr. stewart the head trauma surgeon and chair of the surgery department at university hospital in san antonio where victims were taken. level one trauma center. can you hear me.
8:20 am
>> i can hear you. >> thank you so much for getting on the phone. can you give us an update on the patients you received yesterday? >> yes. we received nine patients. we had one patient pass away, a child, and we have two patients who were discharged and then three children, two -- three children still in the hospital, two are in critical condition, one in serious and we have three adults, one critical and two in serious condition. >> can you describe their injuries? >> no, i don't think it would be appropriate to describe their injuries right now but i will say that the patients were, you know, really seriously injured and i feel like the -- our trauma system, which starts with
8:21 am
first responders in the field, ems and our hospitals and our trauma centers did a great job, terrific team effort with respect to them. >> yeah. the fact that you have three of the -- i think you said three of the five patients remaining in your car are childre are childr special considerations you need to take from a child suffering a gunshot wound? >> children are -- have special needs, they're not the same as adults. so they are different physically and have also, obviously, special psychological needs. all those things come into play. and we have a terrific team of -- at our level one pediatric trauma center and so those are the things that go into the care of children different from adults. >> absolutely.
8:22 am
doctor, thank you so much for joining me. i will to have to go to head to sutherland springs where we're getting an update from officials. thank you for your time. >> almost 24 hours ago -- almost 24 hours ago, this community was struck by unthinkable tragedy and first and foremost we would like to keep our thoughts and prayers for the families who have lost loved ones, the victims injured and the entire community who has come together to support each other during this difficult time. our investigators worked tirelessly around the clock since the shooting and we will continue to do so to gather all the facts and evidence in this investigation. here's what we confirm at this point. the deceased, 26 deceased, 23 in the church, two outside the church and one at the hospital. the total wounded include the total number is 20. there are six in stable condition or have been released. there are four in serious condition. and ten that remain in critical continue.
8:23 am
this number could rise. we ask that everyone keep them in your thoughts an prayers. the names of the victims will be released as soon as all of the next of kin have been notified. we appreciate everyone's understanding in the sense of the nature and process. the suspect we can confirm is devin patrick kelley. he is 26-year-old white male. he currently -- he was residing in new braufles, texas. death in this with the shooter will be determined by pathologist during the autopsy however investigators found evidence at the scene that indicates the subject may have died from a self-inflicted gun shot wound. we can tell you as with all active shooter situations the number one goal of law enforcement is to neutralize the shooter. we had two good samaritans that did that. this call went out as an active shooter call. law enforcement was responding
8:24 am
but a local resident that lives across the street from the church heard what was going on, he armed himself with an ar assault rifle and engaged the suspect. they engaged in gunfire here at the church. we know that suspect was shot. when he dropped his assault rifle, jumped in his ford expedition and fled the scene, this good samaritan, our texas hero, flagged down another young man and jumped in his vehicle and they pursued the suspect. they pursued -- we know during that pursued the cannot used his cell phone to notify his father he had been shot and didn't think he was going to make it. subsequently, he shot himself and so that the -- as i said, the pathologist will determine the cause and manner of his death. we can confirm that the suspect
8:25 am
did not have a license to carry. the suspect did have a noncommissioned unarmed private security license similar to a security guard at a concert type situation. there were no disqualifiers entered into the national crime information center database that would preclude him from receiving a private security license. private seurity background checks including fingerprints and criminal history checks for the texas crime information center and national crime information center data bases, were checked and he was cleared. i can tell you there is video recording from inside the church that has been secured and we have viewed the video. the crime scene investigation will go on for days. all the bodies have been removed from the church. our victims will be autopsied at the bear county medical examiner's office.
8:26 am
our suspect was autopsied this morning in travis county and that information will be forthcoming. we know you have a lot of questions. we'll answer what we can, but to start off with, i think we're going to go to the special agent in church of atf to answer questions that he can answer his assistants in the investigation, the suspect, and his purchase of the firearms. >> good morning. my name is fred milanowski. i'm the special agent in church of houston's field division. first and foremost, our hearts go out to the citizens of this community and the victims' families. it is, obviously, a tragedy for all of pusp what i can confirm there were three firearms that have been recovered. one was the ruger 556 rifle uncovered at the scene of the church. two additional hand guns were
8:27 am
recovered from the vehicle of the deceased suspect. one was a glok 9 millimeter and one was a ruger 22. i can confirm all three of these firearms were purchased by the deceased suspect. and there's been a lot of information in the media and question about the discharge of this video from the military. what i will tell you right now is that in general, if an individual has a dishonorable discharge from the military they would be prohibited from possessing or purchasing firearms and this specific investigation we are early in the investigation, we do not have all the documentation yet. until we can get all the documentation to determine exactly what his discharge and conviction in the military we will not have a determination on if this individual was prohibited from possessing or purchasing firearms. thank you. >> next we'll have the wilson county sheriff joe tackitt.
8:28 am
>> i think i spoeng to most of you this morning. things have changed since early morning when i spoke to y'all and we will be getting back with y'all later. and if you need, try to contact me, most of you did get my telephone number. right now our hearts are going to out all -- >> special agent in charge -- >> i'm christopher combs the fbi special agent in charge. our condolences to the community on the horrific act. we're here with our partners dps and the rangers we work with every day in support of them, assisting them in any way we can. right now we're providing some of the evidence teams and support. and also some technical support with phones, video that we talked about, going back to our lab. we are here in support of texas dps and we will be here with them as long as they need it. thank you.
8:29 am
>> one thing everybody wants to know is why did this happen. it's a senseless crime, but we can tell you that there was a domestic situation going on within this family. the suspect's mother-in-law attended this church. we know that he had made threatening -- threatening texts from him and we can't go into details about that domestic situation that is continuing to be vetted and thoroughly investigated, but we wanted to get that out there, this was not racially motivated. it wasn't over religious beliefs. there was a domestic situation going on with the family and in-laws and that's the wilson county district attorney lewis. >> good morning. we've learned this morning just how small town america truly is. we've had a tremendous outpouring across the country
8:30 am
from people wanting to assist our families in need and i want to make sure that everyone knows how they can help. everyone can help. help by praying for these families and their loved ones and everyone can do that. the other thing is you can help these families financially. and so we are working and in the process of setting up two bank accounts. the sutherland springs community soerngs has a bank account through commerce bank in stockdale that will be accepting monetary donations on behalf of the families. in addition to that, wells fargo will have an account as well set up for the victims of sutherland springs. so that will be available for anyone to help. what we do not need at this point are canned goods and nonperishable items for the families. if you want a way to help it's through prayer and it's through financial donations. we appreciate you guys sharing that information and we are very grateful for this country and
8:31 am
the just tremendous outpouring of support that these families are starting to receive and we want to make sure that everybody know house they can help. thank you all very much. >> also with us today we have two texas ranger majors cory lane and brian braskinski the commanders for the investigation. so we will try to answer any of your questions you have at this time. >> what did video show and assist in the investigation? >> of course the video will assist in the investigation and, you know, it was a horrific event and at this time we're not prepared to talk about the video. >> director martin could you explain what happened after the shooting happened? could you back up a little bit and give us a description. reports a gas station walked up behind where you guys are sanding? >> we know he was seen at the
8:32 am
valero. he was, obviously, suspicious to others. based on the way he was dressed in all black. at that time i'm not sure if he had the mask on or not. but he was wearing a black mask that had a white face, skull face, to it. then he drove across the church and exited the vehicle and started the shooting. >> was he wearing body armor? >> he was wearing a ballistic vest with a plate on the front. there was no plate on the back. >> beyond going domestic situation you were talking about [ inaudible ] could you tell us a little bit more on the texts? [ inaudible ]. >> at this time i cannot. we know that he expressed anger towards his mother-in-law. w.h.o. attends this church. >> do we know if she reported its to authorities? >> we don't. >> do we know if it had anything to do with the estranged wife?
8:33 am
>> we can't answer that. >> the suspect continue to engage people inside the church and had it not beenp for the good samaritan. >> we can only speculate but, you know -- >> would you call this domestic terror? >> probably a better question for -- >> when did he buy the weapons? >> let him answer. >> what's your name? >> would you call this domestic terror? >> at this time we do not have a terrorism investigation open. the rangers are the lead. they have the investigation and we're supporting them. >> what's your name? >> chris from fbi. >> where were the weapons bought? the main weapons [ inaudible ]? >> so what we know is he bought four weapons in total, two of them were bought in colorado, two of them were bought here in texas. >> when were they purchased? >> each -- one was purchased per year in 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017.
8:34 am
>> when in 2017? >> the events [ inaudible ] to the church it's reported he walked up the center aisle shooting and then walked back down the center aisle shooting. could you describe what happened there? >> the question is could you describe what happened in the church. he walked down the aisle shooting and then walked back down shooting is that correct from? >> without getting into too much detail the subject it was a -- there was some length of time that the subject spent inside that church in the shooting event. he moved around freely inside the church. i'm not going to get into exact dynamics in the church. >> [ inaudible ]. >> last question. >> the pastor [ inaudible ]. >> yes. the pastor [ inaudible ]. [ inaudible ]. >> i can only imagine what he's going through. >> how many of the victims were minor? >> we don't have all of the
8:35 am
information. there are several that are children. their exact ages -- yesterday we released information that the ages ranged from 5 to 73. those were the ones being treated at the hospital. inside the church, the deceased, actually range from 18 months to 77 years of age. >> really quick on that -- >> we will tweet follow us on twitter please, and we will tweet something as well. we plan on having a press briefing around 7:00 this afternoon. >> where did the video come from. >> there's three academy stores in san antonio. do you know which ones the weapons were purchased? >> we're in the going to release that information. >> thank you all for coming. we will brief -- >> my name is freeman martin. fm-a-r-t-i-n. we would like to close in prayer. >> we have been -- we have been
8:36 am
listening to right there is an update from texas officials in sutherland springs, texas. on this horrific shooting. not sure if we have the audio. we'll continue. some -- a lot of information coming out, none of it uplifting in any way, shape, or form. the ages of those who were killed in the church now they say was ranging from 18 months old to 77 years old. ten people remain in critical condition in hospital and one of the first things they said right off the bat so this number could rise. we did earlier a lot more about maybe what was leading up to this shooting and how it played out. steve moore is back with me, art, jonathan here as well. always takes your breath away when you hear an 18-month-old was part of it, jonathan. what stands out to you? a lot -- they told us a lot in this press conference, including that the gunman, the shooter likely may have is the way they
8:37 am
said it died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound and he called his father on -- when he was being pursued to say he was shot and might not make it. that seems -- >> yeah. there's a lot of unanswered questions that are coming out but let's go to, again, what i said earlier. this individual showed up to this church with multiple weapons, body armor, tactical gear. he had a motive. what was it? looking at possible answer the in-lawses. his estranged wife. again in the infancy of the investigation this will start to come out and build a better, clearer profile of who this individual was. >> steve, what stands out to you in what we heard from texas officials? >> that it's first of all, i was kind of devastated by the 18-month-old too. i think that what you're going to realize here, with what we're going to realize this is pretty
8:38 am
orthodox as far as mass shooters are concerned. they have a target. they go in and they do not stop shooting until the first time somebody confronts them and then usually they'll either flee or kill themselves. so we're finding this -- finding out it's fairly orthodox, as tragic as that sounds. i'm also from the videos there, i'm seeing an be a external security camera at the church that might show an area in front of the church where he stood. i who really like to see if that camera was going on. i'm more enlightened how the attack went down that he went in and had a lot of time in it. the early accounts he was actually outside the building firing in, make no sense with the 223 because it's not really going to do much once you fire through walls. >> and also not only with went in, but had the ballistic vest on, wearing all black and put on a mask that had a white skull on the front of it.
8:39 am
what's your takeaway right now. >> the black mask thing is new information. i hadn't heard that before. that shows the level of what this guy was trying to carry out. i think when it's said and done having been involved in a lot of complex investigations, and i don't mean to downplay this, but it's probably going to come down to more or less a domestic scenario. >> art -- >> i found it interesting that there was four weapons -- >> hold on one second. i want to go back to sutherland. we have parents, some family members speaking right now. >> mrs. pomery. >> i'm telling everybody you lean into what you don't understand, you lean into the lord. i would submit this to everyone, my family is here, and you guys there, but every life brings to you lean on the lord rather than your own understanding. i don't understand. i know my god does. >> thank you for coming. >> again, follow us on -- we
8:40 am
will e-mail you. >> thank you. >> on twitter as well. >> we believe that somehow -- we'll get more information. these folks just came up to the camera and were sharing their thoughts. we believe they were somehow family members of some of the -- at least one of the deceased we were just, obviously, speaking about. art, i cut you off. finish your thought, please. >> kate, i was mentioning that it's interesting that we had the atf agent come up and talk about a purchase of weapons. >> yeah. >> over 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017. that's four weapons. only mentioned three. i'm sure the other one was back at his residence. but this is an individual that also used multiple states as we heard during the vegas shooting where the individual purchased his firearms in four different states. this individual went and purchased them in colorado and in texas. >> also there seems to be still, even in atf and the other officials there, still seems to
8:41 am
be confusion, jonathan, they're working out. they said with all of this, in general a dishonorable discharge should not have been able to possess or purchase a firearm but still a lot of documentation and they have a lot of questions it seems themselves. >> absolutely. again we're in the infancy of the investigation. they're trying to back track all these weapons. we only know about these weapons that he purchased, you know, reportedly legally. we don't know if he had any other types of weapons at his house, weapons cache, if this was a part of a larger, you know, attack and he, obviously, was at the church and then fled. why? that's a big question. this -- he wasn't making a final stand. he had body armor. he was prepared for some sort of fight with multiple weapons. this will come down to, you know,s ascertaining what was his true motive. >> and with what -- what do you -- were they alluding to maybe what they thought was the contributing factor to why he fled steve in our texas hero,
8:42 am
this good samaritan that came out of his house, lives next door, i think i heard he came out without his shoes on. je john berman speaking with someone, ran out with his gun and didn't even grab his shoes to help. >> i think whether or not the subject or whether or not kelley had any intention of a secondary target, we're probably not going to know. as we learned from active shooter situations around the united states, when they're confronted they usually stop shooting. one thing i would like to put a different word in the vernacular, these guns were purchased fraudulently, not legally. he was not legally allowed to own these guns and he committed fraud to get them. so just -- i don't want to put too fine a point on it. they weren't legally purchased. they were fraudulently purchased. >> art, can you give me your thought on one detail that seems strange, he goes into the church, clearly with a plan.
8:43 am
obviously. just look no further than the outfit he chose when he went in with weapons. he leaves, he's shot, he in the car when he's being pursued he calls his father to say he was shot and doesn't think he's going to survive. what does that mean? >> yeah. i mean we've seen this in the past unfortunately where maybe not necessarily a phone call as the individual is dying, but generally a note, something left behind, an e-mail message, something on social media, this does not surprise me. i think at that particular point in time, he knew he i want going to make it -- he wasn't going to make it. being pursued by an individual who had just shot him. he dropped his rifle, the one weapon that could have matched the good guy's weapon. i think he realized i'm going out going to say good-bye to my father. >> that's one father that will faces some questions. >> yes. >> face an interview now. steve, art, jonathan, thank you so very much. we learned a lot from this.
8:44 am
we learned a lot from the press conference and much more on the breaking news ahead. us moving. ...and help you feel more strength and energy in just two weeks! i'll take that. -yeeeeeah! ensure high protein. with 16 grams of protein and 4 grams of sugar. ensure. always be you.
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frank and i want to say thank you to the outpouring of love for our family from family friends and strange es. we wanted to say thank you to american airlines who took care of me from florida and my angel flight buddy chris wherever you are. news media have been bombarding us with requests to share and comment and appear to celebrate annabelle's life, however as much tragedy as that entails for our family, we don't want to overshadow the other lives lost yesterday. we lost more than belle yesterday. and one thing that gives me a sliver of encouragement is the fact that belle was surrounded yesterday by her church family
8:49 am
that she loved fiercely. and vice versa. our church was not comprised of members or parishioners. we were a very close family. we ate together, we laughed together, we cried together, and we worshipped together. now most of our church family is gone. our building is probably beyond repair. and the few of us that are left behind, lost tragically yesterday. as senseless as this tragedy was, our sweet belle would not have been able to deal with losing so much family yesterday. please don't forget sutherland springs. thank you. >> and as the other pastor said, lift his name in christ. everything is in christ. >> can we get your names please. >> >> frank and sherri pomeroy. >> spell your last name. >> pomery.
8:50 am
>> what you're listening to is frank and sherry pomeroy, the parents of 14-year-old belle pomeroy. the 14-year-old girl who was killed in that shooting. the pastor, this is the pastor, there is the picture right there of belle pomeroy. what you're listening to right there is sherri also speak being their congregation. that is the pastor and his wife of that church that were not there yesterday when this all played out. most of our church family is gone, shiri pomeroy said and asking for everyone's prayers. we are learning more about victims like the other 25 victims of that massacre yesterday. cnn is here with me now with their stories. allison? >> you think about anna bell pomeroy. she is 14 and her parents were not at the church.
8:51 am
sheri and frank were not at the church yesterday. still 14-year-old annabelle went to church. i don't know many 14-year-olds who will go to church without their parents. it says so much about who she was. so many others were lost. the visiting pastor. at least eight members of the same family including a woman who was five months pregnant. three of her children gunned down. had he ever brother-in-law. his young child. it's just amazing. in addition those family members, there were three additional of the same family member who is were shot, in the head. one woman who lives across the street from the church said she came out when she heard the gunshots and he was there to help one of the surviving young girls who ran out of the church apparently. once again, she was one of the surviving members of the who died. listen to what this woman had to say. >> the first responder brought
8:52 am
her out and brought her to me and said we don't know. can you hold her for a minute. she had a bump on her head. she was covered in blood. i tried to get her calm. clean her up. one of her family members was still alive. her aunt was on her way to the church. we are going to stop and get the family together. i will never forget the shots. >> it's amazing that that little girl made it out alive. anybody in the church was wounded or killed. we learned that 12 to 14 children were in the church. as we learned through the news conference, as young as 18 months old were killed. >> 18 months old. sheri pomeroy saying most of our church family is gone.
8:53 am
we are only beginning to learn the names of the victims that we will hold in our thoughts and prayers. we will be getting that information and bringing it to you as we get it. thank you so much. we'll be right back. how much money do you think you'll need in retirement? then we found out how many years that money would last them. how long do you think we'll keep -- oooooohhh! you stopped! you're gonna leave me back here at year 9? how did this happen? it turned out, a lot of people fell short, of even the average length of retirement. we have to think about not when we expect to live to, but when we could live to. let's plan for income that lasts all our years in retirement. prudential. bring your challenges. t-mobile family plans now come with netflix included. that's huge. that's right. t-mobile's got your netflix subscription covered... ...when you get a family plan with two or more lines. really? that's incredible. so go ahead and watch however you want. you're messing with me, right? all at no extra charge.
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8:56 am
conspiracy, money laundering and other charges. leaked documents called the paradise papers claim to show more links between president trump's inner circle this time, this time wilbur ross and russian president vladimir putin's inner circle. secretary ross is responding. joining me in a moment with more on the paradise papers. let's go to cnn's jessica schneider first where manafort and gates faced a judge again today. what do we know? >> a bit of a blow to the defense team here. the judge ordering that paul manafort and rick gates must remain under house arrest for at least another month. the federal judge saying that's because of a lack of details in their financial disclosures. there are questions as to the financial net worth as well as what their assets might be worth or property might be worth as it pertains in collateral on their bond. the judge here saying she will see them back in court on
8:57 am
december 11th. their attorneys had argued for eased restrictions. against them last monday. their lawyers wanted less restrictions and wanted to be able to get around to different states. the judge saying she will reconsider in about one month. they could be eased and both men remain under house arrest. kate? >> there is also a new report on that now infamous trump tower meeting between donald trump jr. coming straight from russian officials. >> that's right. an interview in bloomberg news, they talked to the lawyer who was at the helm of that infamous trump tower meeting in june of 2016. releasing new details and said that donald trump jr. actually talked about the 2012
8:58 am
legislation that imposed sanctions on certain russian official who is were accused in the murder of a russian lawyer and human rights abuses. that was something we had not heard before. she was disclosing that donald trump jr. allegedly said if his father did take office, did take the presidency, they would reconsider that act. that's something we had not heard from donald trump jr. before. when he had to disclose this last summer, he said the meeting had been about adoptions and the fact that he was promised dirt on hillary clinton. interestingly, she was also saying in this interview she would be willing to talk to special counsel mueller's team and be willing to be questioned by the senate judiciary committee only if the answers were made public. >> stand by for more on that. thank you so much. >> now let's get to the paradise papers. here with me right now, millions of pages of documents. tell us what we are learning.
8:59 am
>> the commerce secretary wilbur ross is in the headlines. these papers made a clear connection between one of the companies he owns, a shipping company and russian elites. look, kate. we knew that wilbur ross had an investment. it's all over his financial disclosure forms which are some of the most complicated i have seen. this company's main customers were russians with deep ties to putin specifically. they said the administration misled us and should have been more up front. i financial entanglements given the backdrop of all of the investigations both on the hill and the special investigation. >> nothing is there. i disclosed it. great to see you. thank you all so much for
9:00 am
joining us. the tragedy in the small texas town. 26 people killed worshipping in church yesterday. inside politics with john king starts right now. thank you, kate. welcome to inside politics. thank you for sharing your day with us. a sad day it is. 26 dead and 20 wounded in a massacre in a small church. young children and a pregnant woman among those shot dead in sunday worship. >> we don't know why he showed up yesterday, but we know that when he left, he left destruction. >> there is no words to describe what everybody is going through. >> president trump reacting expressing condolences and after the second mass shooting in just 35 day,


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